How to Set Achievable Goals in the New Year

How to Set Achievable  Goals in the New Year

Most people wait until January 1st to make resolutions/goals. We see the posts all over social media and beyond "New Year, New Me" blah blah blah. Why wait to take action? Becoming a new and better version of yourself should never be put off to a later date.

Goal setting allows us create our future in advance and the roadmap to success takes a strategic plan.

Want to lose 10 pounds? Start a business? How are you going to accomplish this? You need a strategy.

Strategy is making a series of unique decisions to get to a goal from a starting point. An actionable to-do list keeps you on task and helps you get those small wins. So, write down all of the individual steps.

Starting Point -----> Series of Decisions -----> Goal

Start where you are and use whatever tools you have now. Remember, it's a process and has to be worked on continuously. Nothing happens until you start taking action.

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